Terms and Conditions

  1. The Bridgwater Schools Challenge is open to primary schools in Bridgwater that are within the scope of Somerset County Council's Travel Demand Management project delivered under the banner of 'Its The Bridgwater Way'.
  2. You must ensure that the information you enter on the website is accurate.
  3. The website is available to use free of charge while it remains online. During the challenge, schools can log journeys and will be eligible to win prizes.
  4. No responsibility shall be assumed by the Promoters for any failure of hardware or software. Incorrect data logged because of this shall not be considered eligible and the Promoters will not be liable.
  5. Only one trip per day can be recorded for each pupil taking part in the challenge.
  6. Only journeys logged on the website will be eligible for inclusion in the challenge. Points will be allocated to travel modes as follows:
    • Walk = 4 points
    • Bike = 4 points
    • Scooter = 4 points
    • Bus = 3 points
    • Train = 3 points
    • Taxi = 2 points
    • Park and stride = 1 point
    • Car with friends = 1 point
    • Car = 0 points
  7. There are two cash prizes available to schools: one for the school which tops the leaderboard at the end of the challenge period, and one for the school which has improved the most on the amount of active travel undertaken by its pupils, compared to active travel recorded as part of the baseline survey undertaken at the school. One single school will not be able to win both prizes: if the school which tops the leaderboard at the end of the Challenge is also the most improved school, then the second most improved school will win that prize instead.
  8. All prize winners will be notified by email.
  9. Names of winners of prizes may be publicised on the Its The Bridgwater Way website and in other promotions, for example, press releases. By registering for this Promotion, any school agrees to this.
  10. Alternative prizes cannot be requested, however, the Promoters may substitute prizes for something of an equal or greater value.
  11. Schools may withdraw from the promotion at any time by request by emailing (bridgwater@steergroup.com).